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Aug 13, 2021

Best areas for scuba diving on the island

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In these times that we are living, we are looking for more and more “covid friendly” activities to do with our friends and families, more hobbies that are outdoors in open spaces with less personal contact. The island is full of outdoor activities, almost too many to choose from if you’re only here for a short while. However, one of our favorite discoveries for this summer is Scuba Diving. The number of breath-taking scuba diving locations there are, is surprising for the Mediterranean. Many people would think that the underwater world isn’t as interesting as it is in other places such as the Caribbean, but it is quite the contrary. The underwater life in Mallorca is ever so interesting and ever-changing. With so many sweet spots around the island to choose from, you can spend the summer exploring different routes and getting to know different coastlines with their various wildlife and colors.

Photo credits: ZOEA

El Toro – Port Adriano – Illa del Toro

If you’re around the Southwest coast, there are two main spots to go diving from, those are El Toro, from Port Adriano which takes you out to the Illa del Toro which is a small island off the coast of El Toro that is fascinating underwater. A steep rock that heads so far down that the eyes cannot see any longer, covered in coral of all forms and fish hovering overlooking for food. Here you might enter the home of moray eels, scorpionfish, amberjacks, and wrasses.

Photo credits: ZOEA

Santa Ponça – Malgrats Island – Sant Elm – Dragonera Island

Santa Ponsa is another great spot to set off to the Malgrat islands.

If you’re around the West Coast you can scuba off of Sant Elm to reach Dragonera island which is filled with wildlife of all sorts. As well as a couple of secret caves you can reach from here then you can dive into and out the other side. You also have the possibility of shore dives off of Santa Ponsa because of the easy access off the beach.

Photo credits: Scuba Activa

Deia – Sa Calobra – Cala Tuent

Traveling a little more North towards Deia and Sa Calobra you’ll find the pebbled bay of Cala Tuent, a very special spot for scuba divers of all sorts. The bay itself is so picturesque you’ll want to spend the entire day there. The team from @Tuentadventure offers some great dives, under and through caves, and seeing some impressive underwater wildlife. They’ll also offer you a traditional Mallorcan lunch at their agrotourism hostel at the edge of the bay.

These are just a few in Mallorca but there are many great spots if you continue round the island as well as the islands of Cabrera, which will require some advanced planning, but this natural reserve will not disappoint!