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Aug 20, 2021

Trending pool design

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The heat has arrived, and we are looking for either those shady corners where we can sit and read or be solely floating in the water. That’s what summers are about, after all, isn’t it? Swimming pool areas are so individual, you can really get creative and play around with the environment to up the ambiance. Whether you have a pool surrounded by luscious green grass or an infinity pool that overflows where you can rest and enjoy the views over the garden or out to sea, whatever it might be. Being in the pool is actually very therapeutic, the slow floating movement is good to slow down the mind, that’s why it’s important to make an effort in designing the environment around the pool to suit your likes and needs.

Here are a few pool designs that catch our eye:

Covered pools

A pool that is undercover or at least slightly undercover creates a cozy vibe. You feel safe here enclosed in your own space. Keeping you in the shade in the heat of the summer or out of the rain if you get a stormy day. You can decorate this space with coziness such as candles, cushions, and hammocks. Depending on what you find would complement the design.

Photo credits: Covet House / Antic & Chic / Dwell / Izkit

Infinity pools are always a treat, with a luxurious feel about them as you rest yourself on them at the end of the pool whilst gazing out at the view. A design for an infinity pool can be quite tropical, mixed with Greek island style. You can be creative here and as long as you have sunbeds, you’re all set to relax!

Photo credits: Canaves / Sumbekimahill

Pool near lounge areas

Lounge furniture set around the swimming pool is a great vibe for entertaining. Those who do not want to jump in the pool can enjoy the sensation simply by sitting next to it in a comfortable setting perhaps with a coffee table readily available to serve snacks and drinks and enjoy the day!

Photo credits: Archdaily / Thouswell / Ryostox

When pools and your home come together

An interesting design that is an architectural delight is pools that come right up to the house, or perhaps even through the home in some way. This incorporates water into the home in a Frank Lloyd Wright style that embraces nature, bringing the outside in. Relaxing the mind

Photo credits: Ignant / Dornob / Dwell

Pools, plants and colour

You might prefer bright colors to lift the mood or more of a pastel shade to soothe the soul. Plants are also a key part of creating the environment outdoors. We truly embrace nature when out at the pool therefore we can choose what kind of plants we would like to see around us that create that relaxing feel. Different plants also give off different energy and if you haven’t heard of Feng Shui the energy that furniture, plants, and design create is of ultimate importance. Especially on the island, it is important to know what kind of plants suit this Mediterranean weather and soil to flourish.

Photo credits: Bloglovin / Pinterest / Instagram / Dezeen

For more inspiration, we have prepared a Pinterest board with a selection of pools – dive in!