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Sep 13, 2019

Catch me by the sea

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To design an interior is not only to tell a tale but also to make writers out of those who will live in the space and narrate their shared moments. This is a story of a large soulful vibrant family in a house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a happy peaceful and lively place to be.

Our options were all made in this spirit.  As we understand there is a lot to live and a lot of members of the family to be catered, the design has to be functional but merry, colorful but quiet, sensuous but practical and bring a soul to an architectural space that is quite restrained.

We colored it all up by bringing inside the tones of the breathtaking view and we designed it all so that there are no boundaries between in and outdoors, giving freedom and coherence to everyday living. We kept in mind, every step of the way, that being it a large family with toddlers, all surfaces have to be easy to clean or removable, safe to walk around and welcoming with a witty touch. Elegance, excellent quality, and good design will make the space not only a delight but also a heritage.

The time spent in this house should feel everlasting and the design of certain pieces was thought to stop the frantic fractions of life as craftsmen not only require expertise but also time to make them, so much paced time. The Ini Archibong cold-worked glass “Moirai” chandelier hanging over the “Turntable” dining table sculpted out of a solid American Walnut are the heart of the ensemble: to dine in the family is a treasure we must endeavor to cherish and this stage is designed especially for this.

All through every space, we have used criteria that bring balance so that life is made easy, elegant sensuous and bright for this family that has opened their hearts to us, trusting us with their very personal story.

We have designed accordingly, with our heart and soul: a good design will always tell endless bedtime tales.

We hope you enjoy the narrative that makes this house a really special home.