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Jun 5, 2020

“Interior” added to “Design” is a beautifully complex theorem

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“Interior” added to “Design” is not a straight mathematical formula; it is a beautifully complex theorem.

Ladies, what on earth are you talking about?!

We are letting you on a very treasured secret: a mathematical simple formula will lead us to add a colour to a piece of furniture and place it as per planned design, easy, right? But it will not work, not in the long run because we are all incredibly magical creatures and we sense (“sense” being the key word) when 2+2 is 4 and we are actually not satisfied with the result even though we know for sure it is 4 (“know” being the key word!). A theorem, the one we full-heartedly apply, brings the “know” into the “sense”.

Here we go: it is a widely believed knowledge that black and white are the opposite of colourful, people KNOW this for a fact. Another belief is that it is quite easy to design in black and white, safe, restricted, restrained and no risk, correct? You KNOW this also for a fact…but if you take a look at this project of ours you will SENSE it is not so…because in fact it is NOT SO! Our magic, our expertise and our added value is to KNOW the SENSES linked to a desire that will lead to the transcription of the client’s vision.

Black is the night, black is the absence of light, pure full scope or it can be a shade of ALMOST black, an oversaturation of grey, a dusty stone washed linen black or a glossy bright black on black.

White is snow but it is also cotton balls with a soft touch; white is French original soap and lacquered aging paint. It can be infused with temperature and have an infinite option of tastes, eggshell, acrylic, linen and so much more.

The combination of black and white can have so many scales and shapes and all of them are so much more than 2+2=4. If you do not agree, tell me, do you think a Lagerfeld black and white is the same as a Dolce and Gabbana?…most certainly not!

We had to dress this 3 bedroom apartment and the dress code was clearly defined on the very first meeting: straight lines, a touch of contrast on the pieces like a pinch of salt and a colour palette of black and white.

It is a wonder to read a client and write their story through our designs. We went straight for the eternal and friendly love-chair by Gervasoni and the timeless Ghost sofa. The coffee table had to be sturdy but elegant as life on a boat overlooking the sea, as is this apartment. It was a sight for sore eyes to see how interconnected designs from totally different lines actually are: the Gubi hanging lamp over the dining tulip marble table with straight-lined robust Ethnicraft chairs with a vintage sideboard as a perfect company: the mix that matches. Bedrooms were made for comfort and quiet, a silence of the mind and sight.

All in all it was a very good challenge and a stupendous final result where we could clearly see the difference it makes to fully redo bathrooms that simply were not possible to look at and know that it is an invaluable added value for the property, a small investment that can go a very long way. Noble and honest materials: iron, glass, cement and white tiles, nothing to hide, a straightforward statement that is so soothing.

Lagerfeld is not Dolce and Gabbana and each have their brilliance.

bconnected interior design is simply bconnected interior design

Monica Cernich