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White Beauty

I remember, it was around one and a half years ago, when I visited a worthless flat on the second floor. I was trying to figure out its potential, the possibilities, what was positive about that property – but none of that was obvious and I was struggling to see a vision. The main reason for stepping into that challenge was its anomalous size, at least for that neighbourhood, and nothing else. It was a new experience to plan something without already having a holistic vision in my mind. I just had 4 walls and a south facing orientation. Having no idea whether the officials would allow me to build a terrace or not and having no idea if there would be a view once built…. simply put, it was a risky-undertaking. Luckily, I love challenges and I have trust that I have an eye to be able to recognise a unique and coherent beauty. I am guided by my creativity, my experience, my incredibly strong team and my love for special, living concepts. Each result is a new experience which leads me to the next challenge.

Bringing life & soul into a big open space without any colour eye-catchers and staying within the different shades of white, made it even more interesting. You are much more sensitive to the small details and you value each light stripe, each nuance and every surface. Huge thanks to my entire team! I am very satisfied and happy with the outcome.