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Jan 31, 2020

Celebrity homes and their stunning design

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Take a peek inside some of our top favorite celebrity homes around the world and get inspired by each and everyone’s individuality and some gorgeous interior designs!

Alessandra Ambrossio

Alessandra opened her house to the prestigious interior design magazine AD. She has created a unique design that’s incorporated a Brasilian feel from her hometown. Originally a 1920s residence in Santa Monica, California, Ambrossio has designed her own paradise within the walls of her home. A fun boho meets California rock ‘n roll were the styles that she wanted to combine to create an easy going feel and keep it young and fresh. When you first enter the home you get a feeling of culture wash over you as each ornament has been brought in from various countries such as the Egyptian Chandelier or the Indian fabric shades. There is much to each and every detail of this gorgeous Californian home.

You can find more pictures and the interview in the AD magazine here

photographer: Douglas Friedman / AD

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff definitely shows us that she has the creative hands that one needs to design their own home and an expertise in mixing bold patterns & electic prints with pastel colours and more softer features. This takes technique! When choosing all the furniture, comfort and practicality also came to mind as she wanted her son, Luca, to be able to live as if it was his own sanctuary. In parts of the house Duff has taken  a 1950’s look and given it a modern flair that delivers an ultimate chic feel. The dining room perfectly portrays the combination of modern with old styles with the beautiful rustic table placed on an Aztec design rug, with a modern feature for the centre ceiling light. Impeccable taste Hilary!

photos by Justin Colt

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston took a 1965 house and although keeping many original features, created an incredible design of mixing contemporary with classic. She uses warm tones throughouts, particular showcased in the wall papers which were hand painted. From silk rugs to antique Japanese hanging ornaments, Jennifer sure put her mind to work here with the extraordinary combination of chic design and comfort. Also having had some cultured designers incorporation into the home in pieces of art of in her unique Asian-inspired landscaping. A beautiful new look that definitely inspires.

Once again the well-known AD magazine had the honour of gaining access to the actress’s home.

photo credits: AD magazine / Ty Cole

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore’s home is a perfect showcase of her passion for design. A light filled home in Pasadonia, using vintage accents to a contemporary base. She uses quite a lot of velvet throughout which has been a rising trend in recent years, mixing it with both modern and contemporary designs. Her velvet bed base and headboard was custom made by Sarah Sherman Samuel, a unique feature to the clean and contemporary room that overlooks the swimming pool and garden. The house was designed carefully trying to take advantage of the natural light and garden by having floor length windows used commonly throughout.  Another unique feature of the home is the main sofa in the living room, whilst it was important that the back of it was also complimenting the room. Designed by Croft House It has leather straps that come over the head and round the back reaching to its wooden base.

Interior Architecture by Emily Farnham

Interior Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Photography by Tessa Neustadt

Built by Bronstruction