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Aug 2, 2019

Bconnected on Universo Femenino

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We are very happy to announce that Christine and bconnected have been featured on Universo Femenino, a popular TV program here in Spain on Fibwi Life TV, who feature and interview women from different industries succeeding in what they do and how they help and inspire other women to do the same. We are honored to have been contacted by them us to have Christine on the show and not only that but to hold the recording right here in our showroom in Santa Catalina. As a holistic company, it was a privilege to meet other wonderful woman who have thrived their way through life to succeed in what they are passionate about and how they go ahead with inspiring others after their success.

Christine was interviewed by Marilena Estarellas herself, who is director of the program Universo Femenino and it was a real pleasure speaking to her about the growth of our beloved bconnected, what have been the driving forces that brought us here and where the future is headed with the company and our team. To help inspire other ambitious woman who are also driven by our values such as passion, honesty and courage is a privilege. We can see the influx of potential in this gap in industries, particularly the architecture industry, by courageous women and we can only hope to aspire others to follow their passions and dreams.

Watch the video on our facebook and hear more about it along with the stories and backgrounds of other inspirational women such as Carolina Cerezuela amongst others.