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Dec 13, 2019

Decorate your home for winter with bconnected inspiration!

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As the temperatures are dropping and we are approaching the holidays, we are feeling that cosy feeling that has us chilling at home by the fire with our feet up and wrapped in a warm blanket. Creating that warm cosy ambience at home which promotes the feelings of wellbeing and contentment is known as “Hygge”, originating in Scandinavia where it is dark and cold a lot of the year and they have made the most of their weather conditions by creating their sanctuaries at home . Designing it exactly how you like it with the colours and pieces of furniture that really resonate with you.

We have created a Winter Inspiration board on our Pinterest page with beautiful photos of cosy homes that we love. Perhaps you can get some ideas for decorating your personal space. Feel free to share your own photos with us!

5 Ways to create Hygge atmosphere in your home:

1.    Hygge is all about bringing nature indoors. Plants can be extremely soothing and therapeutic, whilst caring for them and having that responsibility is another important part of wellness that can benefit your wellbeing greatly. They create a calmness in your home and it’s always good fun picking out which one suits your space along with the pot it goes in.

2.    Liven up the room with a patterned rug that lifts your spirits every time you see it. Rugs are the ideal cosy features to the room, whether its sheepskin, berber rugs or wool. It can be a neutral colour or made more of a feature with a bright colour.

3.    Create a cosy vibe as soon as you walk in the door by having oil natural essences, preferably organic. It is well known that the smells of essential oils boost your energy. Each blend has a different purpose and inspires a different sense of wellbeing, it can promote mental health benefits thanks to their stress relieving properties, and anti- anxiety abilities.

4.    Decorate with candles, you can never have too many candles! A natural dim light promotes wellbeing and is much more relaxing than a sharper bright electronic light. You can also liven them up with colours that suit your scheme and smells that soothe the soul.

5.    Last but definitely not least, is spreading out those cosy blankets and cushions. Because is there anything cosier than snuggling up to a soft blanket at night?

All we need now is a cup of mulled wine and Netflix and we’re set!

If you’re looking to add some inspiration, check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages for daily interior design inspiration!