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Sep 17, 2021

Nit de’l Art 2021

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The 25th anniversary of Nit del Art in 2021 will be celebrated this weekend starting on September 16th. This event has made its way into part of the European Art Calendar according to the president of Art Palma Contemporani, Frederic Pinya. Attracting serious art collectors who come from countries such as England, Germany, and Russia for private viewings before it opens to the public.

You will find many small gatherings and exhibitions as you stroll the streets of Palma this weekend. There will be some live music of local and international bands playing in various galleries or out in the open air.

Baró Gallery makes an entrance this year for the first time exhibiting. Originally based in Sao Paolo Brasil, Baró has expanded its gallery to Palma this last season as a meeting place between art and nature. Its gorgeous enclave in the historic part of Palma is a sight for itself, the walls speak of art and history.

ABA Art Gallery is another gallery we will not be missing. Located on the Paseo Mallorca footsteps away from the river Torrent de Sa Riera. The minimalistic aura of the gallery attracts you in even before you’ve seen what is exhibiting. The team here welcomes you in with all their stories of the artist’s backgrounds and inspiration. Visiting ABA Art is a journey you won’t forget.

Photo credits: Baró Gallery

Near to ABA Art, following the Paseo Mallorca, you will find gallery N12, owned by local Laura Jane. At N12 you will find amongst other local & international artists the great work of young artist Manuel Diaz, at only 8 years old. Showcasing his ‘Frida’ Collection, which features diamonds as the faces of popular characters.

Gallery Fran Reus always opens up our minds with their young and emerging artist works from both local and international artists. The contemporary exhibits will cease to impress. They will be showcasing two artists’ works over the weekend that will awaken your emotional senses. Jumping from irrational, intuitive, humor & desire.

Photo credits: Galería Fran Reus

Galería Pelaires is one for the list that we don’t want to miss, not only is the building a beautiful historic view itself opened up with a modern touch of the tall ceiling to floor glass doors. It is close to the born so steps away from the unique Borne. On Nit del Art they will be showcasing ALICJA KWADE & GREGOR HILDEBRANDT And their exhibition – MUCHO MÁS

You will find many exhibitors around the backstreets of Palma during the weekend, it’s easy to simply have a stroll and find them on your way. Be prepared to be inspired.