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A few years ago I needed a flat in Palma overnight. And for one year. A tricky “task” for BCONNECTED, more precisely, for Andree. It was quite impressive that I actually got the first flat “overnight”. With Andree`s Spanish ease. Always smiling, generous and imaginative. A dream flat in the city centre. That and with what fine attitude the flat was furnished for me in a few days is a super unusual, unique service. Andree has been the epitome of the maker of things possible for me ever since. A little later we are looking for a house in Palma. After a conversation, Andree shows us a house that met our expectations 100%. It “only” had to be renovated and rebuilt. In terms of size it was close to a new building. Only slightly more complex – because of the technical details. Christine partly learned our wishes from us, partly formulated and shaped them. And then Christine tailor-made our dream for us. Enabler, yes. Certainly. And much more. To this day we are still speechless about what happens to us and how it happens to us. Both times we have super professional human fine contact smart and honest “straightforward” advice wanted. We have always super professional human fine contact smart and honest “straightforward” advice get. And much more. Thanks Christine and thanks Andree. Never to forget: Thanks to the team, especially Camila, Barbara, Laura and many others.