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Extravaganza is, as many things in today’s world, a ticket that has changed the ride and not only its destination but also its form, its rhythm, speed, and its spirit.

“An elaborate and spectacular entertainment or production” is how it is commonly defined. We believe “elaborate” is the only way we can deliver heartfelt work destined to entertain, cater and nurture a family that is part of a world we must follow.

In The 8 heaven, a shape was born from an intuitive need: the search for a road planted with colourful flowers in the form of pieces that make our garden thrive. We have left no detail unseen and looked for joy and entertainment in every corner of the way we have traveled.

Designing with freedom and having the grace of choosing for prosperity, going for a feeling of plentifulness to deliver a sense that will be lived every day in today’s days was our goal and our pure joy.

We have taken in all the requirements of a very clear-sighted family leader with a heart in poetry and feet on the ground to whom tidiness is of the utmost importance but never overlooking the allowance of the soul to dream and the mind to travel and play.

This is our sight; this is our vision and our offer.

Christine Leja, Monica Cernich & Marie-Luise Leja

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