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bconnected-blog-Living in your renovation
Oct 08, 2021

Living in your renovation


We have so many renovations already behind us that we can't even keep track of them! One thing we do know is that a lot of things happen between the beginning and the end of the process and, if you don't have the possibility to "get out of the way", you will have no choice but to live with it. In this blog, we give you a couple of quick tips to minimize the effects of living through your own renovation. And don't forget that if all you want is to forget about unnecessary stress, leave the house and the renovation in our hands and we will let you know when your brand new house is ready for you to start enjoying it as well as new!

bconnected-blog-Trending pool design
Aug 20, 2021

Trending pool design


When it gets hot, the first thing we think about is cooling off. If you like to take a dip... come and join us to discover dream pools!

bconnected-blog-Cozy reading corner
Jul 23, 2021

Cozy reading corner


Summer is the perfect season to relax with a book in your hands. We have more free time and many of us are eager to dive into that book that has been waiting to be read for a long time. This week we bring you a couple of ideas to create your own cozy reading corner.

bconnected-blog-Mallorcan handicrafts for a Mediterranean feeling
Jul 16, 2021

Mallorcan handicrafts for a Mediterranean feeling


Mallorca is an island full of excellent artisans who produce objects full of Mediterranean soul made with absolute dedication to their craft, generation after generation. In this blog post we bring you some of them so that you can appreciate the diversity of beautiful creations that come from the hands of the artisans of this incredible island. They will surely inspire you to give a special touch to your home or to include them in a summer outfit.

bconnected-blog-An unexpected schooling
Jun 25, 2021

An unexpected schooling


Even though we have many years of experience in our field, we always learn something new with every project. That's the exciting thing, we never make one the same as another. They are all personalised and each one has its own challenges to master, just as each client has their own expectations and desires. In this beautiful post our colleague Monica Cernich, Senior Interior Designer, tells us how this delightful project in Palma's old town was conceived.

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