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bconnected-blog-How to design a welcoming entrance hall
Jan 15, 2021

How to design a welcoming entrance hall


The entrance hall of our home is the boundary between our privacy and the outside world. The first area we pass through to enter our place. In these times it becomes even more important as an essential place that must be organized and prepared to leave dirt and bacteria outside. All this does not have to be at odds with a beautiful and functional space. In this blog, we give you some ideas to decorate this keyspace.

bconnected-blog-Christmas Blessings
Dec 25, 2020

Christmas Blessings


This year has been a unique one. Special in more ways than others. We would like to take this moment to thank you all for being by our side this year and we look towards 2021 filled with positivity and new beginnings. We’re excited to welcome to new year with our new office in the South West of the island in the exclusive area of Bendinat which we’ll be looking out of our windows at the sea views that this paradise island has to offer. What more could we ask for?

bconnected-blog-Winter decor 2020
Dec 04, 2020

Winter decor 2020


This special year we have valued even more to feel comfortable in our houses. With the lower temperatures and the arrival of winter we are going to spend even more time enjoying our homes. We bring you some of the decoration trends for this winter!

bconnected-blog-Before & After: Petit Miracle project
Nov 27, 2020

Before & After: Petit Miracle project


Our client was looking to make the purchase of a small, dark flat profitable and we jumped into action. The final transformation into a beautiful and luminous space resulting in a design property is just amazing! Discover the "before and after" in our bconnected blog written by our Senior Designer Monica Cernich.

bconnected-blog-Ultimate Guide to Create a Cozy Boho-Chic Home
Nov 06, 2020

Ultimate Guide to Create a Cozy Boho-Chic Home


Bohemian interior design is a trend-setting style that successfully creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A combination of bold colours and unique designs is what makes the bohemian style stand out from the crowd. Enjoy our guest post with many practical ideas to introduce this eclectic style into your home.

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