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bconnected-blog-Living in your renovation
Oct 08, 2021

Living in your renovation


We have so many renovations already behind us that we can't even keep track of them! One thing we do know is that a lot of things happen between the beginning and the end of the process and, if you don't have the possibility to "get out of the way", you will have no choice but to live with it. In this blog, we give you a couple of quick tips to minimize the effects of living through your own renovation. And don't forget that if all you want is to forget about unnecessary stress, leave the house and the renovation in our hands and we will let you know when your brand new house is ready for you to start enjoying it as well as new!

bconnected-blog-Beautiful inland villages not to be missed
Sep 24, 2021

Beautiful inland villages not to be missed


At bconnected we love to show you beautiful parts of the island that show us a more traditional side that often remain unnoticed. Beautiful places to discover and landscapes that will touch your soul.

bconnected-blog-Nit de'l Art 2021
Sep 17, 2021

Nit de'l Art 2021


One weekend a year Mallorca dresses up to present itself as a cultural reference for contemporary art in the internationally renowned "Nit de'l Art". This occasion is also special as it is the 25th anniversary of this event, which attracts art lovers from all over the world every year. Discover in our blog a summary of the main galleries and access the official program so you don't miss anything!

bconnected-blog-Luxury beauty & spa treatments on the island
Sep 03, 2021

Luxury beauty & spa treatments on the island


Discover some of the most special places where you can enjoy luxurious and exclusive beauty treatments to nurture and revitalize your body and mind.

bconnected-blog-Frank Lloyd Wright, architecture in harmony with its surroundings
Aug 27, 2021

Frank Lloyd Wright, architecture in harmony with its surroundings


The architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a visionary and pioneer in his field, designing buildings outside the prevailing trends of his time and following his own philosophy. The search for harmony between the building and its surroundings was something he emphasised in his architectural works. A great admirer of nature and the perfect forms it generates, his buildings are immersed in it or are inspired by its organic forms.

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