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bconnected-blog-COBALT BLUE & our love for it
Nov 13, 2021

COBALT BLUE & our love for it


If you ask anyone what their favourite colour is, many will say blue. This colour reminds us of the sea, the sky and gives us a sense of calm and harmony. There are many shades of blue and one of the ones that stand out the most in interior design is cobalt blue. A colour that has been the protagonist and inspiration for great painters such as Van Gogh and Matisse. Just adding a touch in a space with neutral colours will be all you need to enhance it thanks to the magnetism and power it exudes.

bconnected-blog-Frank Lloyd Wright, architecture in harmony with its surroundings
Aug 27, 2021

Frank Lloyd Wright, architecture in harmony with its surroundings


The architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a visionary and pioneer in his field, designing buildings outside the prevailing trends of his time and following his own philosophy. The search for harmony between the building and its surroundings was something he emphasised in his architectural works. A great admirer of nature and the perfect forms it generates, his buildings are immersed in it or are inspired by its organic forms.

bconnected-blog-Trending pool design
Aug 20, 2021

Trending pool design


When it gets hot, the first thing we think about is cooling off. If you like to take a dip... come and join us to discover dream pools!

bconnected-blog-Take a walk through our Bendinat headquarters!
May 07, 2021

Take a walk through our Bendinat headquarters!


Haven't you been to our new headquarters in Bendinat yet? We invite you to enjoy the beautiful text of our Senior Interior Designer Monica Cernich and to take a virtual tour through our offices. Welcome to Bendinat! Come and see

bconnected-blog-Before & After: Petit Miracle project
Nov 27, 2020

Before & After: Petit Miracle project


Our client was looking to make the purchase of a small, dark flat profitable and we jumped into action. The final transformation into a beautiful and luminous space resulting in a design property is just amazing! Discover the "before and after" in our bconnected blog written by our Senior Designer Monica Cernich.

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