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May 15, 2020

Before and After: Rubi Project

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The best feeling in the world is when a project comes together. Especially one which requires much creativity to bring an ordinary space into something aesthetically beautiful and functional.

Our Rubi project in the heart of Palma is a perfect example of that. Without a lot of room to play with, our professional team had to be creative to work the layout to offer the utmost comfort and giving the future privileged home-owner a cosy but spacious living area.

A gorgeous, light tone wood floor was chosen which brightens up the space even more considering the light flourished apartment has plenty, unlike many apartments in Palma round those quaint cobbled backstreets, this truly brings up the vibe in the space when the light bounces off the natural material.

White contemporary cupboards for the kitchen cabinets with a parallel trim surrounding it gives the kitchen character whilst Mediterranean touches were added with a natural stone backsplash and patterned tiles in the bathrooms to give that special feel that gives it originality. And talking about originality, we chose a beautiful set of rose gold coloured faucets to feature in this property, adding the perfect feminine touch to space to warm it up. The feminine touches are brought out immediately when you enter the apartment with a unique pink front door and a bright pink couch which your eyes are set on as you walk in.

Finally, the bconnected touch was emphasized in the furniture pieces like the GUBI table in the living area and the custom headboards with Designers Guild fabrics in the bedrooms. A combination of bold colours and unique ornaments such as the hanging light shades and gold-coated pineapple. The cosy lounge area is also complemented by a vibrant carpet from HAY to add personality to the room.

Creating a unique space from practically nothing, transforming it into something extraordinary by adding our special bespoke touch, is what our team does best and completes each project with the utmost passion and care in every detail. This is what we love to do to provide our clients with the design of their dreams.

This beautiful and harmonious property is currently for sale. If you want to enjoy this architectural jewel in the heart of Palma do not hesitate to contact an agent from our bconnected real estate team for more information.

And if you would like to refurbish your home or space, you can contact our experienced interior design team here who will help you interpret your personal style by adding the bconected touch to make your vision a reality.