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May 21, 2021

Glamorous designer bathrooms

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The bathroom is a room in the house that can often be overlooked with design, with homeowners not worrying about how it looks as much as the rest of the house. Seen as strictly utilitarian. However, you can really play around and get creative in a bathroom design that can make it the eye-catcher of the house.

The bathroom is a truly personal space, it’s a feel-good place that needs to be designed to your liking. Colours, styles, patterns and textures can make each person feel different so it’s really important to put your personal touch into the design.

Glossy coloured tiles are often used on the wall tiles in recent years to brighten up the room and give off a positive feel. Colours can truly affect your mood, there’s a whole psychology study behind which colours give off which feel. This also depends on you so make sure to pick carefully so that you get into a feel-good mood every time you’re in there.

You can play with accessories, carpets, ornaments, mirrors, flowers, storage stands and have a little fun when decorating. Bathroom faucets are an important feature in the room and are often much overlooked. The design, shape and feel of the tap or shower when you use it makes a real difference to the feel of the room. You can choose luxurious curved faucets or cubic forms that are more minimalistic, and different levels of quality so it’s important to do your research. One of our favourites is the matt gold coloured brass faucets that make all the difference in the bathroom giving it a feminine touch. Lighting is also a very important feature in a bathroom, probably one of the most important as you’re looking in the mirror and wanting a relaxing feel in the shower. Warm light is best but enough light to see clearly in the mirror.

Trust us that adding your personal touch of colour or personality can really make you appreciate a space. Remember that even just a few, simple decor changes can create the bathroom you have always envisioned.

If you want to have some more information on how you can decorate your bathroom space, our team is at your disposal for advice.


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