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Dec 25, 2020

Christmas Blessings

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There is strength in rest and especially in times that have taken away your breath, your space, and your joyful planning for the future.

Constant news, recurring worries, inescapable reminders of the global situation are all reasons to make courageous decisions of change to create a new plan and escape the hustle and bustle of confusion, to focus on what you really want and who and what you want to surround yourself with.

Maybe even a good opportunity to reinvent oneself and not just wait and adapt to the passage of time, but to set a new goal and also implement it with passion. To create places of strength in inspiring surroundings – to reflect and find orientation in turbulent times – to clear out the clutter – to strengthen trust in oneself – in order to be of service to the greater good.

Let’s grow in movement, expand in vision, and challenge the transition to dive into a wonderful new year.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year full of strength, love, success, trust, health, flow, wanderlust, friends, freedom, and happiness.

with love,
your bconnected team