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Nov 22, 2019


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Bringing out the familiar to make space for the new is our motto for next week’s Black Friday!

New inspiration, new pieces, and new and fresh ideas 

Originally given the name in America, where many would call in sick after Thanksgiving to take the long weekend off and hit the shops, causing lots of traffic jams and accidents due to the mass of people. This is where the phrase caught on. “Black” because businesses would refer to losses as “red” and gains as “black” hence the term, Black Friday. Which used to be just the average “Sales after Thanksgiving day”.

Then marketing did its magic and made this sales day a worldwide concept. Especially thanks to online shopping which allowed it to stretch to an entire week of Cyber deals leading up to “Cyber Monday”.

This year we are very much a part of this shopaholic day! We are recreating a spring clean into a winter one, clearing out the items left over from the year to make room for the new incoming ones, just in time for Christmas!

We have some special discounts in our store this coming Black Friday, November 29th.

From cosy winter blankets & cushions to creatively designed stationary, make sure you have a good look in all the corners!

Don’t miss this opportunity to seek out some feature items for your home or perhaps a thoughtful Christmas present for a loved one.

Happy Shopping!