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May 28, 2021

Mallorca, a shopping experience beyond sun and beach

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May is a beautiful time of year, why’s this you ask? Because the temperature has still not got too hot and there’s a slight breeze making it lovely to wander the streets without having to find the first airconditioned café you can see. Whilst wandering the gorgeous streets of Mallorca you will find lots of different types of shopping experiences. There’s something for everyone on the island, lots of people visiting will often say how much they enjoy the shopping over here which is always surprising when most people come for the sunny days on the beach experience instead.

Photo credits: Design Travel/ Louis Vuittton/ Zara

If you’re in Palma, the location to be for all the trendy shops is the Borne and Jaime III. Here you’ll find everything you can imagine from Louis Vuitton & Zander to Zara & Mango. These streets leading down to the Borne and the Palma Cathedral are beautiful in themselves and worth the stroll even if you aren’t fancying a shopping trip. The gorgeous Mediterranean trees cover the entire street of the Borne with its cafe’s down the promenade making it quite a romantic scene. If you step behind these main streets and towards the narrow pebbled roads, you’ll find some quaint boutique stores both local and international, as well as some great antique stores particularly closer to the Rambla street and up the side streets there. A gorgeous setting and can be a perfect whole day plan strolling these areas and stopping off for lunch around Plaza Mercat or Plaza Weyler.

Photo credits: Puerto Portals / Farinelli / Flanigan

Another type of shopping you’ll find in the trendy Puerto Portals, an exclusive Port 5 minutes from Palma. Here is another beautiful setting with views of the luxury superyachts and well-known restaurants such as Ritzi and Flanigan.  Here you’ll find top-quality stores such as Farinelli and Love Affair, be careful though, you’ll end up wanting to buy most of the shop if you’re not.

Whichever shopping area you choose, we wish you a great time and a pleasant experience!