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Every project has its own story, and every creative detail is a story on its own – therefore, every created living space is different and beautifully authentic.

“Happy Morla,” our recently finished project, is so named because that was our first impression when we started our planning and visualizing of this space—Happy.

We all had an intuition that this space would become a gem and this feeling made us even more motivated to take care of each and every detail ­– the material choice, the combination of surfaces and the braveness of realizing ideas, even when it felt impossible.

 Of course there were some good stories along the way…For example, there was the idea of a herringbone pattern in marble for the bathrooms. We had no idea that this would create such a big challenge! Camila, as the project manager, took this artistic idea very serious, visiting stone dealers to find the best Carrera marble, and than convinced him to divide the piece into small and precisely cut tiles. What we got was 7,5cm x 13cm small pieces with 2cm thickness. Then, the real challenge began; the workman had to fulfill our vision of laying the tiles in an equal way so that the marble reveals its beauty, even in a herringbone pattern. He did a great job!!!

 Or the vision of a kitchen design, which was originally a typical style from the 1950s with its visible furniture structure. But nobody wants these typical jamming draws – and therefore our fantastic carpenter, Josep, had to integrate modern comforts without showing it, to fulfill the strict design combined with modern standards. …Josep, you are the best! And where to find knobs in brass, but with a modern touch, to break the original 50s style? Thorough research brought us to a small manufacturer in Scandinavia who maybe had a similar idea or it was just a wonderful coincidence.

 One detailed work has led us to this great success and the motivation to carry out the entire concept with its special details always stayed focused and cheerful.

 The results are clear and reveal the dedication and the incredible team who was behind the project –  from visionary, architect, project manager, contractor, builder, engineer, carpenter, blacksmith, glazier to interior designer, and last and not least the great financial & admin team.

 A project only becomes as good as the team works together and enjoy together the development of such a great project.

 Thanks to the entire team for fulfilling this ambitious vision!

 Christine Leja

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