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I remember, when I visited 1 1/2 years ago a kind of a meaningless and run down house in Santa Catalina, that I was trying to figure out the potential, the possibilities, the good things about that property – but none of that was obvious and I was hardly getting a vision. The main reason to step into that challenge was the anomalous size – at least in that neighbourhood – and nothing more. It was a new experience to plan something without having already a holistic vision in my mind. I just had the four walls as a limitation and a south facing orientation.

No idea, if the officials will allow me a terrace and I had no clue if there will be somehow a view… simply a risky undertaking. But I love challenges and I am trustful to be able to realize a unique and coherent beauty.  My guidance is my creativity,  my experience, my incredible strong team and my love for special living concepts.

Each result is a new experience which leads me to the next challenge. Thanks to my entire team!
I am very satisfied and happy with the outcome and last and not least….there is an amazing view from the new built terrace.
To make the project to a complete brave living space, we did an extraordinary and extroverted interior design. Thanks to the new owner and their fantastic taste, we were able to come up with special ideas and with great solutions.

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